sekadar suatu picisan

disini adalah sebuah kisah , kisah anak miskin yang mengimpikan satu impian yang besar , sering gagal dan tewas dalam perjuangan , namun kosa putus asa tiada dalam kamus hidup anak miskin ini . inilah satu coretan , coretan picisan seorang anak miskin yang memiliki satu IMPIAN .. insyaAllah

Monday, 26 March 2012

after a month ..

almost a month i didn't rite anything in here , many things happen in this past few weeks , disappointment , hatred , loved and betrayal  all happen occasionally . of'coz it's hard for anyone to face all of this at the same time , always remember , as A Muslim , everything can be settle accept for the death , what we do , just keep praying and doa , InsyaAllah Allah will help us , just remember to always have Faith in HIM because 'DIA pencipta kita yang maha agung dan maha mengetahui , apa berlaku pasti ada sebabnya ' and don't just remember HIM when we in trouble . my dad always said , life will knock us down , but it's our decision whether to stay and lay down or get up and fight for your life , the choice is always in our hands , so , people never give up because one day Allah will answer our pray , just wait and keep praying ..

#proud to be muslim , Alhamdulillah everything is getting better .

p/s : update yg berterusan akan dipastikan berlaku , have a nice day blogger ..
as'salammualaikum , amin

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