sekadar suatu picisan

disini adalah sebuah kisah , kisah anak miskin yang mengimpikan satu impian yang besar , sering gagal dan tewas dalam perjuangan , namun kosa putus asa tiada dalam kamus hidup anak miskin ini . inilah satu coretan , coretan picisan seorang anak miskin yang memiliki satu IMPIAN .. insyaAllah

Thursday, 29 December 2011

love the way I am ... !!!

every single person in this world have their own opinion about yourself ,but never take it seriously because only you n the one who love you know u better than anyone out there , so don't bother if people don't like you , maybe they don't know u at all , people who like and love u are the people who cant accept the way you live ur life .. we can't satisfied all people ..

so , be yourself and live ur life happily ..
i guess , i love the way I am ..

p/s :
this entry special for my close friend who always think about what people think about her/him .....

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