sekadar suatu picisan

disini adalah sebuah kisah , kisah anak miskin yang mengimpikan satu impian yang besar , sering gagal dan tewas dalam perjuangan , namun kosa putus asa tiada dalam kamus hidup anak miskin ini . inilah satu coretan , coretan picisan seorang anak miskin yang memiliki satu IMPIAN .. insyaAllah

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

could it be ..... ?????

Could it be ?????

I just know her last week , from facebook . But since I met her , everything doesn’t feel right to me . Whatever I do , I always think about her . When I say whatever it’s mean almost everything I do will remind me of her . I don’t even know her real name , I only know her by her FB name . I never feel like this before . Is this what we call love at the first sight . How come this thing happen to me , I never believe love at the first sight n most important I never believe in love and happy ending . I will never believe in it unless I feel it one day. Should I start hoping , are the feeling is mutual between me and her , is there any chance for me to have her in my life . is she going to fall for a guy like me . It’s all a question which I don’t know where I will find the answer . Wait , is there an answer for that question , no one knows , whether me or her . Only Allah knows better, but I hope I will got a chance to know her and if we are meant to be together maybe that time I will believe in love and happy ending . 

p/s : pergh bersawang gler kot blog ak nie .. lame sangt dah x update .. maklumla tyme tu sbuk ngan mcm2 keje .. insyaallah lpas nie .. blog ini akn di update selalu .. tq yer ..


  1. alhamdulillah.. beruntung la si DIA yg berjaya mencuri hati kamu tue.. i hope it will end up with happy ending.. so utk pastikan ianya happy ending mulakan la buat solat istikharah minta petunjuk drpd ALLAH.. moga ALLAH tunjukkan jodoh kamu.. i'm happy for you my friends..

    sincere, CyC..